Practising self-isolation can be quite a lonely experience and may leave you feeling down and disconnected from everyone and everything. Adjusting to your new routine at home can be daunting so we’ve put together a guide on how you could spend your time at home in the coming weeks or months to ensure your wellbeing and mental health isn’t badly affected. Why not give a few of them a try?

1. Declutter your home

You know that drawer in your kitchen full of batteries, random keys, a screwdriver and lip balm dated back to 2003? Well now is the perfect time to finally clear it out! You don’t often get the chance to do a full-on spring clean. Now you’ve got extra time on your hands due to staying indoors take the opportunity to sort, organise and clean your drawers, wardrobes and cupboards.

2. create a photo album

Our phones are often full of hundreds of pictures of memories that you don’t want to forget about. Take a look through them, print off your favourite ones and create a scrapbook with them. It will be a lovely thing to look back at and remember all your happy memories and fun things you’ve done.

Remember to leave room at the end for all the adventures you’re yet to go on!

3. write a journal

Being isolated at home can be lonely at times and as life is full of uncertainty at the moment it can be very unsettling. It’s so important to express how you’re feeling and writing all your thoughts down in a journal is a great way to get them off your chest and feel some sort of relief.

You should always speak to someone about your feelings but simply writing them down can also make them feel less of a burden.

4. learn a new skill

There are thousands of online courses you can join and learn new skills. Whether you’ve always wanted to try knitting, baking, painting or even learn a language, it can be great to keep your mind active as well as adding to your skillset!

5. exercise, exercise, exercise!

Being stuck indoors for prolonged periods of time can have a damaging effect on our health, both physically and mentally! It’s so important to get moving in any way you can.

Turn your music up and dance around the kitchen for an hour. Lie down on your carpet and stretch your body. Pick up some tins of beans and use them as weights to tone your body.

Even going for a walk for half an hour each day outside will do you the world of good. It’s so important to exercise and to get some fresh air!

6. stay connected

FaceTime or call your friends and family every day so you don’t feel as isolated. Most people are used to seeing their loved ones fairly often so it can be tough when this isn’t allowed. Having someone on the other side of the phone while you’re doing the washing or cooking food will be good company and hopefully bring some sort of normality back into your life.

7. play some games

We don’t want to start any family arguments but why not unleash your competitive spirit and dust off that old Monopoly board. If you’re isolating at home with family, playing a few board games is an easy way to keep yourselves entertained for a few hours.

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It can be a lonely time isolating at home but make sure you stay busy, stick to a routine and exercise daily to ensure your mental and physical health is on top form. Staying at home will save lives so make sure you visit the website for more details.