Pina Colada Festival


19 August 2023    
All Day


Northwich Town Centre
Town Centre, Northwich, Cheshire, CW9 5DH

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Think Caribbean, pineapples and a little bit of carnival… and you get streets full of entertainment. With bars, pubs, restaurants and even Cafe’s offering their take on the Pina Colada – you’ll find cocktails & mocktails.

And how much does it cost? Absolutely nothing, except from asking those drinking alcohol to do so responsibly.

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In Apple Market Place you’ll find our biggest event stage yet, with some awesome artists playing the songs you need to make you feel like you’re sat on a sunny beach. Get yourself festival ready with our free glitter artist – but ensure you don’t try and climb our Palm Trees or giant Pina Colada!

Head up to the top of Witton Street, you’ll find more live music and street games twisted to meet your expectations… who wants to hook a duck when you can hook a flamingo! Oh… everyone gets a prize too.

In Barons Quay you can try on some butterfly wings to get that ultimate Instagramable photo – alongside a funfair, children’s crafting, dance workshops and it’s also the starting point for our three mega parades that ignite the town centre.

Don’t be surprised if someone rocks up with a ghetto blaster and starts dancing in the street, they’re with us – we’re just not letting anyone know when or where it will happen.

Don’t forget, if you like Pina Coladas (cocktail or mocktail) and don’t mind getting caught in the rain, Northwich is the place to be on the 19th August! Street activity will end at 6pm, ensuring we can deliver a family friendly event. After 6pm, the party will continue inside your local venues.

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