This week we paid a visit to Belvoir Lettings. They help with your landlord and tenant property needs including lettings, management and buy-to-let investments. They have been in Northwich for 10 years and are the British Property Awards Gold Winner for Letting Agency in Northwich 2019.

Belvoir provide a specialised, first-class service as they focus solely on lettings. They work geographically so offer their services in the majority of Mid/South Cheshire.




James, the Franchise Owner, said “Rental is a really good way to bridge the gap if you want to save money for when you become a buyer. It’s a very viable option depending on affordability as you can rent whilst you save”.

Renting in Northwich also provides you with some flexibility. It’s a good option if you are new to an area so you can test out whether it is suitable for your needs. It’s also great if you don’t want the commitment of organising your repairs and maintenance.

When thinking about renting, it is important to consider whether the owner manages the property themselves or whether the agent does. Most of the Belvoir Lettings properties are under management. This means if the tenant has got a problem and the landlord is away overseas, you can go directly to Belvoir for any maintenance repairs.


Belvoir also offer guidance and services regarding buy-to-let. They are able to source properties for you and also ensure that the property is viable for renting.

Finding the perfect location for a buy-to-let property is essential. Selecting a property in an area that has local shops, good schools and friendly people is very important. It means the tenants are more likely to settle for a number of years. This is good for both the tenant and the landlord.

James from Belvoir mentioned the number of good villages that surround Northwich which are perfect buy-to-let locations, such as Weaverham which has excellent schools.


Did you know that James also hosts a weekly vlog on his YouTube channel? The vlog doesn’t just educate people about letting and renting, it also makes people aware of Belvoir and everything Northwich as a town has to offer.

James said “Northwich is such a friendly town, it has a very positive vibe, very friendly and it’s convenient. It’s an up-and-coming town and the amount of money that’s been put into the regeneration and the infrastructure is really good to see.”

Find out more today!

Belvoir are specialists so can offer competitive prices, comprehensive inventories and full property management.

Whether you are interested in first time renting or it’s your first time looking into buy-to-let, Belvoir Lettings are there to help. Drop into their office on Castle Street (opposite the entrance to Verdin Park) to find out more today.