Bringing some local cheer this Easter, Northwich-based wellness community Nutrition at the Hangout, donated nearly 100 chocolate Easter eggs to Helping Hands (Northwich in Need).

After what has been a difficult year for so many, especially for children who have been out of school for many months, the local group wanted to give back to their community. Owners John Fielding and Kay Leigh Richardson asked their members to donate chocolate eggs to Helping Hands (Northwich in Need), a charity which helps people throughout the local area access safe, temporary housing.

The group gave generously, and John and Kay Leigh were proud to present nearly 100 chocolate eggs to the local charity, who have distributed them to the children they help and support.

Kay Leigh commented: “We were so happy to be able to donate these eggs to the charity this Easter.  We know they will go to children within the local community who may not be having the easiest time at the moment, and we really hope that the small treat cheered them up and brought a smile to their faces over the holidays!”

Nearly 100 Easter eggs were donated to Northwich in Need!

John commented: “Our wellness group guides local people on their weight loss journeys and we always stress that you can still enjoy the sweeter things in life as long as you do it in moderation.  We hope our nutrition community, and the Northwich community enjoyed some chocolate eggs this weekend – we all deserve a treat during these unusual times.”

Nutrition at the Hangout is a community of nearly 1,500 people, based in Northwich and run by couple John Fielding and Kay Leigh Richardson. The community helps people with their diet and nutrition, guiding them in their weight-loss journeys. On average, the group collectively loses a tonne of body fat each month.

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