From Friday 31st March the community Pokémon Hunt will begin and will run for 6 weeks.

Toppers of Northwich have taken their crochet work to another level with the Great Northwich Pokemon Hunt!

There will be 37 Pokémon to find, 21 at locations in the town centre and 16 are in the surrounding villages and tourist at-tractions. They will be in shop windows and on post-boxes.

The rarest Pokémon will be in the rarest locations! There will be a mini hunt in the town Centre for children, if you complete this hunt you will receive a handmade Poke-ball from Board Beans, Goblin Games or Geek Retreat , just show them your selfies.

You can play as an individual, family or a team. Anyone can join the hunt. You will need to take a selfie with each Pokémon, to catch it.

The first individual/family/team to send their selfies to the Facebook group, will win their very own crochet Pokémon and we will draw 3 other winning teams out of a hat at the end of the hunt.

Pick up the list of Pokémon to find from Board Beans, Goblin Games or Geek Retreat

Or click a button below to download and print your own trail form.