On Saturday, November 25th, Northwich experienced an extraordinary surge of Christmas spirit as thousands of attendees joined one of Cheshire’s most significant light switch-on events, transforming the community into a festive wonderland. The annual Christmas Extravaganza, a highly anticipated celebration organised by local partners Northwich Town Council and Northwich BID, brought a day of joyous family-friendly activities to the heart of Cheshire.

The picturesque streets of Northwich came alive with holiday cheer as visitors from across Cheshire converged to partake in the merriment which included a whole host of Christmas themed props providing ideal photo opportunities, alongside free street games and Christmas Crazy Golf.

Northwich Town Mayor, Cllr Jane Thomas said:

“I was thrilled to witness the magic of the Christmas season come alive in Northwich, as thousands gathered for our annual event. The incredible turnout reflects the vibrant spirit of our community and the collective joy that the holiday season brings. My heartfelt gratitude goes to the staff and volunteers, and all involved in organizing this spectacular event. As Mayor, I am proud to see our town shine so brightly and unite in the festive spirit, creating cherished memories for families and friends.”

A highlight of the day was the enchanting Lantern Parade, led by the captivating rhythms of Batala Mersey. The procession culminated in a grand finale in Barons Quay, featuring the largest stage ever assembled for this event. The atmosphere reached a crescendo as the night sky erupted in a dazzling display of fireworks, providing a fitting conclusion to an unforgettable day of celebration.

Ellis Wardle, Chair of Northwich BID said:

“The Christmas Extravaganza stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of Northwich Town Council and Northwich BID, demonstrating our commitment to fostering community spirit and providing a platform for residents and visitors to come together in joyous celebration. As one of Cheshire’s premier light switch-on events, the Christmas Extravaganza continues to grow in scale and popularity, solidifying its place as a cherished annual tradition.”

Ice Rink Northwich

Following a year of successful events, such as the Northwich Pina Colada Festival, and Verdin Park Music Festival, partners have committed to ensuring that Northwich remains a destination with a difference in 2024. For more information on local events, people are encouraged to sign up for the monthly newsletter.

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