A new year and decade is here, so what better time to try and become even healthier than right now?

Here in Northwich there are many ways you can improve your diet, fitness and overall wellbeing. So, we’ve compiled a list of four great ways in which you can benefit your health and potentially even make some new friends too.

We’ve also included some inspiration for a range of other activities that you can enjoy outdoors in the Northwich area. Read on to learn more!

Say yes to yoga

Did you know that Northwich has its very own Hotpod Yoga studio?

Yoga provides a complete full-body workout which helps you burn calories and calm the mind in equal measure.

The unique studios in Northwich will transport you to a different world to experience an incredible way to keep fit. With daily classes, changing facilities and showers, they have everything you need to get going right away.

Head to the official website to book a class or enquire.


Northwich parkrun takes place every week in Carey Park and hundreds of runners join in.

You can walk, jog or be as competitive as you want over the 5K course – the main aim is to have fun while keeping fit.

It’s completely free to take part too, all you have to do is register and take your barcode along.

There’s a really friendly environment every week so why not go along and experience it for yourself!

weigh to go

Weigh of the World in Northwich is a great place to visit if you’re trying to watch what you eat.

At the eco-friendly shop you can weigh out exactly the amount of products you require such as pasta, spices, herbs, cereal and nuts.

The shop also sells a range of healthy snacks which are a great alternative to sugary treats.

Pop in when you’re next in town to see how the store could benefit your health.


Joining a gym is a great way to get fit, sharpen the mind and maybe even meet new people.

Fortunately, Northwich is blessed with some brilliant gyms and training centres to suit all preferences.

You could simply train yourself or perhaps take part in a class or fitness session with others.

Many gyms have personal trainers too which are perfect if you’ve got a goal you want to reach.


Away from the town centre there are also some great ways to keep fit and healthy in the Northwich area.  

You could cycle in Delamere Forest, run along the Whitegate Way or take a walk next to one of our beautiful waterways.

Head over to our ‘Inspire Me’ section for information on the best places to visit.