I’m sure we all know how Fireworks can cause stress and anxiety in pets, and it’s not nice to see. With plenty of firework displays happening in and around Northwich next month, we have some helpful tips to make this year’s fireworks not as scary for our beloved pets.

1. Our first tip is to try and desensitise your pets from the sound of fireworks.

This is where you expose your animal to the sound of fireworks for short bursts leading up to Bonfire night. You can find videos on YouTube of fireworks and play this at a low volume so that you can barely hear it. Each time you play, you turn the sound up.

You may want to have treats and their favourite toys ready as rewards.
If your pet shows any signs of fear, including dilated pupils, hiding or trembling, always end the music and get them to relax.

2. Invest in a pheromone diffuser.

These can help ease the stress and anxiety of your pet. Speak to your vet about which one will help your pet the most.

3. Close windows, curtains and blinds, and if you have a cat flap, make sure you lock it.

This will help muffle the sounds and prevent them from escaping while running to hide.

4. Create safe comfortable spaces for them to hide; this could be on their favourite blanket and under the bed.

5. Turn up the radio or TV as this can mask the firework sound and provides familiar noises they hear every night.

6. Consider bringing any pets that normally live outside indoors for the night.

Finally, your pet loves you and will want to be near you when they are scared, so if possible go home early and be there to reassure them.