A local family have opened the doors to not one but two new businesses a premises already so well-known to many in the town.

For Dante’s Boutique, the sad loss of a Northwich institution resulted in an opportunity too good to miss for Shaun and Jenna Bowers, who have just moved into the former Crafty Stitches shop on Witton Street.

With Jenna taking care of the boutique downstairs, husband Shaun runs DB 2.0 on the first floor – a business that caters for everything skateboard related.

As Jenna explained, “Dante’s Boutique started out on Castle many years ago at a tattoo shop which I was managing at the time and working as a piercer.

“But a couple of years ago, Shaun woke me up and said he wanted to run a skateboard shop in Northwich.

“He’d previously been a caretaker at a school and became good at repairing skateboards for the kids, and he enjoyed it.

“So basically, I told him I was coming with him and stealing his thunder!”

The couple opened up on Church Road in December 2020, with both businesses under one roof, but just weeks had to close due to the country entering another national lockdown.

“We opened again in April 2021, and things have gone well for us ever since,” Jenna added.

“Then the opportunity came for us to move into a prominent location on Witton Street.

I already knew Joan (Hubbard) and Louise (Hough) and jumped at the chance to take over the premises from them.”

“Dante’s is basically a proper old-school hippy shop, so there’s loads of crystals, incense, oil burners and wax melts – and I will also continue to do my piercing which I’ve been doing since the Castle days.”

“A lot of the stuff we have is handmade, and other items are things I’m selling for local traders.”

“Joan got a sneak peek of the shop before we opened, and she loved it because it is so completely different.

Then Louise came at the weekend and said it wasn’t upsetting because it doesn’t look anything like it did.”

“We’ve had plenty of people coming in purely out of curiosity to see what’s here, but they’re buying something too.

“It’s been going amazing so far, and I’m like a dog with two tails as we’ve had nothing but positive feedback from everyone.”

Dante’s Boutique is located at 48 Witton Street, and it is open every Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am-5.30 pm.


Dantes Boutique Northwich
Dantes Boutique Northwich
Dantes Boutique Northwich
Dantes Boutique Northwich