THERE is little doubt about what is on offer at one of Northwich’s newest businesses – with Goblin Coffee and Beer providing exactly what it says above the door.

The Witton Walk venue opened its doors on October 8 and is already proving to be a hit with customers.

Once again, it’s another great example of two independent businesses thriving under one roof, with online game retailer Goblin Gaming operating out of the upstairs unit.

Manager Danny Mccooey finds himself right at home, having been involved in the bar and pub scene around the town for the past nine years.

“The idea is the brainchild of the owner of Goblin Games,” he said.

“He’s a big fan of those hipster-style city centre cafés, but he also loves craft beer too.

“So he wanted to combine both of things together and bring a two-in-one venue for Northwich.”

As well as having the idea for the concept, the owner also sourced the artisan coffee served in Goblin – with the beers left to Danny’s expert eye.

“I sourced all the craft beers myself,” he added.

“We’re up to about 60 craft beers at the moment, with an eye on reaching 100 when our second fridge arrives soon.

“As well as beers from around the world, I also want to expand to include some from right here in Northwich, including those from Hush Brewing, who are setting up on Navigation Road.

“I’ve got a background in local pubs, so I know how important it is to tap into these local breweries.”

As well as great beer and coffee, Goblin is also hoping to tune in to the town’s burgeoning live music scene, with acts lined up for Saturday evenings.

Danny said: “We wanted to offer something a bit different of a Saturday night.

“These are free, non-ticketed events, and we update our Facebook page regularly with what we’ve got coming up.

“And then throughout the week, there’s coffee, beer and an ever-growing games selection for people to play while they’re here.”

Goblin Coffee and Beer is located on Witton Walk, adjacent to John Griffiths Fruit Shops & Max Spielmann and is open seven days a week.

For more information about live music, head to Goblin Coffee And Beer.

Goblin Coffee & Bear Northwich
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Goblin Coffee & Bear Northwich