Franchise owner Minna Scaife has received an astounding amount of positive feedback from the local community after choosing Northwich as the home of its first Hotpod Yoga studio.

This new and exciting form of yoga was first launched in 2013 and has since developed rapidly with pods now in over 50 locations across 8 countries. The classes are taught in a heated pod, complete with purple hues, dim lights and relaxing scents and music, with the aim of providing customers with the opportunity to “calm your busy mind”.

The Hotpod Yoga studio in Northwich offers signature classes which are loosely based on Vinyasa Flow and are suitable for all levels, from beginners to those more advanced.

All instructors are trained at the Hotpod Yoga HQ to ensure a consistency across all locations but each teacher is free to add their own personal touches to their classes so there is a varied offering.

When asked why she chose Northwich to open her first studio Minna said:

“It’s a lovely developing town and Northwich and the surrounding villages have such an active population. With a possible studio premises right on the high street with lovely views overlooking the river I thought, ‘what could be a better place?’”

Minna Scaife – Hotpod Yoga Northwich owner (right)

Minna also discussed the huge range of benefits associated with this new form of yoga, including increased strength, flexibility and posture, weight loss, improved sleep and a clearer and calmer mind.

There are Beginners and Posture workshops available to attend on various dates across January. Beginners’ classes are great for people wanting an introduction to Hotpod Yoga whereas the Posture workshops are recommended for regulars who wish to get even more out of the classes.

After January workshops will be offered on a monthly basis, with Minna also keen to organise exclusive sessions for local companies or sports clubs.

Since launching in November, Minna has been overwhelmed by the support and positivity she has received from the public and is keen to build relationships with people and businesses in the local area:

“I’ve been totally blown away – we have received such a friendly and enthusiastic welcome in Northwich in such a short period of time. We have created a lovely little community in the studio already and it’s so lovely to have that.”

“There are so many lovely businesses around and it’s amazing to be able to network with all of them and to plan exciting joint ventures for the future. This is something I am really keen to do; to work with local companies, building relationships with local sports teams and clubs as everyone can really benefit from Hotpod Yoga. I am so excited for the future and of the possibility of opening more studios in the area.”

Hotpod Yoga Northwich also benefits from an introductory offer where customers can pay £15 for unlimited classes for two weeks.

To find out more or to book a workshop or introductory class visit their website at.