There are numerous major retail shops in Northwich. However the town also boasts a large number of successful independents selling a variety of great products.

From shops that sell beautiful bespoke gifts to family-run stores that have been in town for generations, the number of independent shops in Northwich is very impressive.

In many ways, this is what sets Northwich apart from other towns of a similar size.
The number of independents in the Northwich BID’s jurisdiction alone tops the 100 mark which is an extremely positive figure.

‘Variety of independent shops in northwich’

It shows the resourcefulness, creativity and success of the town’s entrepreneurs and that the people of the town love having a variety of independent shops in Northwich.

At the top end of town, in Witton Street, you can discover unique art products and displays or explore top of the range sports products.

There are also a number of shops here where you can find amazing handcrafted products that make perfect presents.
Many are completely unique to Northwich and that is one of a number of benefits of having quality independents.

The town is also packed with an impressive array of clothes shops.
From boutique men’s and womenswear to great choices for kids, the town can provide you with the complete wardrobe.


‘Portfolio of diverse independents’

On top of this, Northwich also comprises a portfolio of diverse independents catering for niche markets.
From tailor-made curtains and photography to wedding dresses and sewing products and fabrics, you’ll never fail to be amazed by the variety of shops in Northwich.