This week we stopped by Hot Pod Yoga and had a look around their studio and got a taste of a yoga session in the pod. They opened their doors in November last year and have been providing classes to everyone since.

Minna, the owner of the studio, is a working mum originally from Finland and brought Hot Pod Yoga to Northwich with a mission to make yoga accessible to all. She opened in Northwich because she said “Northwich is a lovely town with lots happening and lots of opportunities for the future, a lot of growth and a lot of exciting things happening.”




Hot Pod Yoga classes are taught in a giant inflatable pod in the studio which is heated to 37 degrees, has relaxing music, purple lighting and aromatherapy scents. The heat in the pod helps you to relax and focus your mind. It also helps your body to stretch further and melt into the postures easier and deeper.

Hot Pod Yoga is all about the Vinyasa Flow which connects the postures together in a soft, dynamic way. Doing yoga in the pod helps to calm your mind and it works your body. It’s a great way to get more flexible whilst working out and provides a perfect opportunity to meet new people.

who can do it?

The minimum age for Hot Pod Yoga is 16 however everyone over that age is more than welcome to come along for a session. Men and women of all walks of life are encouraged to try it out. They have members ranging from age 16 to 75!

They also see a lot of sports teams attending as yoga in the pod is good for rehabilitation. It’s perfect if you go to the gym a lot.

what facilities do they have?

The Hot Pod Yoga studio has lots of facilities to offer. They have changing rooms which are perfect if you’ve come for a class straight after work.

They also have showers which are great if you’ve got plans after because, trust me, you will work up a sweat! Minna has also provided a basket of toiletries in case you forget to bring your own.

There is a small kitchen where you can fill up your water bottle as it is extremely important to keep hydrated, or you can purchase a bottle of water at the studio.


All you need to bring with you is a water bottle and a towel. Make sure you bring a large towel (beach towel) as you will be doing your postures and poses on it. You also have the option to hire a towel from the studio or purchase one if you would like.


Classes start at 6:30am and the last classes are at 8pm with sessions running 7 days a week. The studio is located at the bottom end of town, near the Bullring, so there is accessible parking in the Market car park and the Waitrose car park.

Come and try Hot Pod Yoga today!

 Hot Pod Yoga Northwich offers all kinds of memberships from a two-week taster period to a monthly membership. They also have deals and offers running so make sure you check them out online and book in a class at and select Northwich as your studio.

Refer a friend and they will receive a free class and you will get a £5 credit on your account! 

What are you waiting for?