Celebrate your Cheshire stories this upcoming #CheshireDay!

Northwich residents, businesses and organisations are encouraged to come together on March 30th 2023, in honour of the rich history and culture that make up this wonderful county.

From our very own industrial heritage to Pina Coladas, Local Art to Dragon Boat Races – there is no shortage of amazing stories here, which all deserve recognition.

The foundation of this great town’s contribution to the county is our long-standing community of local businesses. While it’s Cheshire Day, it’s only fair we share some of their Cheshire Stories…

Apparel Cheshire

Apparel Cheshire is a true family-run business that has been a mainstay in Northwich for over 40 years. Ken started his career by creating window displays for shops.

In 1976 Ken and his wife opened the first Apparel shop in Whitchurch
They moved to Northwich, Markey Way, in 1977. Finally settling in their current home along Witton Street about 20 years ago.

With Ken and now his sons taking care of the men’s clothing and his wife looking after the women’s range, they ensure they cater to all buyers.
With a commitment to providing exceptional customer service, Ken has seen generations of families come through his store. He takes pride in watching relationships develop over the years and is thankful for all his loyal customers!

When we asked Ken what he loves most about Northwich, he told us, “I love the people of Northwich. That’s what makes it special!”

The Salty Dog

Chris, formerly a drummer in a punk-rock band, teamed up with Gregg from Tatton Brewery to bring Northwich an independent venue unlike any other. And boy, did they deliver! Opening in May 2017 – The Salty Dog offered locals not only a great place for music and entertainment but also the very best beers from around the world.

Chris has been a long-time resident, so setting up a business here was the natural thing to do.

Alex and Dom have taken over the running of the bar with their fire-and-ice style, creating an amazing atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else. They do warn you to watch your manners when you are at the bar, just to be safe. Together they have taken the bar to the next level with a variety of events and great beers.

We asked Alex and Dom their thoughts on Northwich…

“…the truth is that this is a great town, it punches well above its weight in terms of events and the people are second to none when we first opened there was an element of trepidation because we were opening a pretty progressive bar in a small town, but we were instantly welcomed into the fabric of the town, almost universally. There’s a positivity in the town that is pretty rare; if you travel around the country, it becomes even more apparent, it’s the people of the town we love the most.

Without the town, we wouldn’t be the place we are. In terms of our influence on the town, that’s really down to other people to decide, but we hope we’ve provided a place where people from all walks of life can come on a level playing field, that’s when pubs are at the best, they can provide a breeding ground for creativity, friendship and ultimately function as a hub of a variety of communities.”

And did you know; the former drummer of Placebo, Steve Hewitt, used to work in Dougies Music in Castle?

Rosebank Sports

Rosebank Sports Ltd started in 1978 when Richard Turner left Barclays Bank, where he had worked for several years and was involved in the banks’ headquarters; this moved him around the UK from St Paul’s- London to Radbroke Hall and Knutsford Cheshire.

He left to start up a retail sports shop and asked Tony, his son, to help him. Richard’s wife was called Rose, and with Richard leaving the Bank, they adopted the name Rosebank Sports.

Rosebank Sports started as a small shop in Goostrey but soon needed large premises, which turned out to be in Northwich.

Tony’s mum and dad had always loved shopping in Northwich as it was a busy market town with a great array of shops and a friendly working atmosphere. Northwich was and still is an easy place for people to drive to in the heart of Cheshire.

Tony told us, “what I love most about Northwich is its iconic bridges and distinctive black and white buildings, but mainly the people there have an honesty and friendliness born from an industrial market town.”

They are a family business and always believe in honesty, fairness, and hard work – with a smile. With over 40 years of trading in Northwich, “Northwich is now very much in our blood, and we are now part of its history.”

Rosebank Sports now provide Wellbeing Services to maintain the health and well-being of both your mental state, as well as physical!

So join us while we commemorate what makes our beloved home so special by sharing why you call Northwich home. What have been some of your fondest moments or favourite things to do right here in our vibrant Cheshire highstreet town?

Let’s show off everything great about being part of Cheshire!

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