Two new businesses have opened in Northwich aimed at helping people improve their fitness levels and nutrition.

Kay-Leigh Richardson and John Fielding, who both live in the town, have opened Nutrition @ The Hangout and The Hangout NW at Unit 1 in Ash Street, with the goal of helping as many people as possible towards a better physical future.

Kay-Leigh has explained what the businesses offer and how people will benefit from using them.

“The aim of Nutrition @ The Hangout is to help people understand nutrition and the composition of their body and provides an opportunity to learn and alter their path to a longer and healthier life. The Hangout NW on the other hand is a Calisthenics gym where we promote Body Weight Training,” said Kay-Leigh.

“It also helps people to continually evolve in their range of movement, strength, flexibility and belief in physical capabilities.”

She has also revealed how herself and John have honed their skills in the fitness sector over recent years which has provided the perfect platform to launch the two new businesses.

“For several years we have fine-tuned our own training methods and understanding of nutritional needs and have seen our clients achieving amazing and life changing results following these methods and values.

“We decided to create a centre in our home town of Northwich to enable a much more focused approach to delivering this agenda and to a wider audience,” Kay-Leigh added.

As well as letting people know about the general ethos and values of the new businesses, John is keen to ensure people know precisely what Calisthenics is so people understand how it can help them.

“We’re different to a gym with weights as we focus only on training the body to be fully functional and we deal with the devolution that comes with our lifestyles and traditional training habits such as decreased range of movement, bad posture, joint compression and short muscle development,” said John.

“Training and exercise should be enjoyable but so many people are not having fun with it. With calisthenics however it is unavoidable. Play is a central pillar of exploring your physical potential as you will become open to trying new things, falling over and getting back up with a smile on your face.”

Since opening, both businesses have proved popular and John has a message to the people of Northwich.

“This is our home town and it’s an exciting place to be right now with lots of development and activity. Whilst there are many traditional gyms in the town, we are unique in what we offer and the joined up future proofing approach between fitness and nutrition. We’re here to make Northwich healthier and happier so come and see what we’re all about and how we can help you!”

Did you know that you can have a free, no obligation Wellness Evaluation at their fitness club from 7am-11am Monday to Friday and 10am-1pm on Saturdays? You can discover your body fat %, visceral fat levels, how hydrated you are, what your muscle mass weighs and even your age in health terms.

Contact either business on Facebook to get started.