Northwich will be hosting its first ever Great Big Green Day as part of Cheshire West’s Great Big Green Week, a national campaign that showcases local climate action and engages with the community on climate and ecological issues.

Members from local climate groups Transition Northwich and GreenWatch will hold a series of family friendly activities with support from Northwich BID & Northwich Town Council. The day includes activities including building a Lego wind turbine and free crafts alongside talks from prominent speakers that draw attention to climate change and what can be done to ensure a better future for the planet.

There will also be live music from Sam Lyon at 12.30 and an open discussion through Climate Cafe which provides a chance to converse with the local community on what action can be taken on a regional level to make positive changes for the natural world.

Taking place on Saturday 25th September at Brunner Court next to Northwich Library, the Great Big Green Day will feature prominent themes including decarbonisation and renewable energy as well as advice on energy saving and recycling.

The Great Big Green Day is part of the national climate action campaign known as the Great Big Green Week which sees people in towns across the UK organise local festivals and events to engage with the local community on what positive changes they can make in their own lives.

Co-organiser Paul Mathias from Transition Northwich said of the event: “we are looking forward to showcasing important local climate action through fun and engaging activities that everyone can enjoy.

“Events like this are an important way to have a dialogue with the local community on climate action that everyone needs to take. One Great Big Green Day won’t create the vital change we need, but we hope that it will inspire people to think about what they can do in their daily lives to make positive change for a better world.”

Northwich BID Manager Adam Gerrard said “we’re looking forward to supporting this event with Northwich Town Council, it’s important we all look to make changes and this is a fantastic opportunity for local people to engage with our local climate groups.”

You can learn more about the Great Big Green Week and how you can support the campaign at Find out more about Transition Northwich on their Facebook page, visit their website at or pop along to one of their Climate Cafe’s every Saturday at Bruscetta Cafe at 2.30pm.