This week we visited Board Beans Café which opened in Northwich just over two months ago. The café has 350 board games on offer as well as a fantastic selection of food and drink to enjoy with your friends or family.

Owners, Betsy and Frazer, decided to open up the fun-filled café as it was somewhere that they’d want to come for a family day out or a date night themselves. They said: “As a family we would spend quite a lot of time in board games cafés and we play a lot of games at home, but it was something we had to travel to.”

They added: “We’ve been well received by Northwich which is great. We’ve only been open for just over two months but it feels like we’ve been here forever.

“Northwich is such a vibrant town and very family orientated. As two people who have come from the North East, it’s been really welcoming.”




There are over 350 games in their library including the popular classics such as Monopoly, Scrabble and Cluedo. However, we recommend trying your hand at something new that you haven’t played before as there’s so many to choose from!

The huge shelf of games caters for all ages and ranges from quick, simple games to ones you can play endlessly. The games are graded so the higher up the shelf you go, the more complicated it gets!

It only costs £3 for up to 3 hours of play but don’t worry, Betsy and Frazer are on hand to teach you the rules if you’re not sure. This means you’re not sat reading the rule book for ages and you can make the most of your time.


The café also has a diverse menu, most of which is food that Betsy and Frazer would typically have on games nights at home. It is food you can easily eat while you play. They serve snacks, salads, toasties, pizzadillas and sweet treats and even have weekend specials.

They also serve wonderful coffee after trying a huge selection of over 40 coffee beans before choosing their favourite! The café also serves alcoholic drinks and have guest beers and spirits to try which means (along with the late closing times) it is a great destination for an alternative night out!

You don’t have to play a game if you visit either, you can come along and simply enjoy the amazing food and drink they have on offer throughout the day with your family and friends.

they are eco conscious!

They are trying to be more eco-conscious so they have taken steps to become better to the environment. The drinks come in cans so they don’t sell any single-use plastic bottles, they only provide paper straws and they recycle as much waste as possible. Customers are also encouraged to bring in their own re-usable cups!

Opening Hours and events

Wednesday to Saturday: 10am-10pm (they allow an hour after closing to finish off games and drinks)

Sunday and Tuesday: 10am-8pm (also allow an hour after closing to finish off everything)

Monday: Closed

Board Beans Café also hosts special event nights through the week. On Wednesday it’s ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ night which is great for anyone who wants to try the game. Thursdays are their social nights where they welcome people to come in and meet others to play games with. It is the perfect night if you come in on your own or if you’re part of a group wishing to play something bigger.

WHy not check it out for yourself?

Head down to Board Beans Café if you’re looking for an alternative day/evening out or you simply want some tasty food and drink and to have some fun!