In this fast-paced world with endless responsibilities and constant distractions, it’s easy for us to neglect our own health and happiness. But in the picturesque town of Northwich, in the heart of Cheshire, there’s a sense of tranquillity and community that makes it the perfect place to focus on your overall well being. From stunning nature walks and tranquil parks to yoga studios and wellness centres, Northwich has plenty of resources to nurture your mind, body, and soul – the perfect way to start the New Year.

Hot Pod Yoga brings you the ultimate yoga experience inside their cosy and unique pop-up inflatable structure known as “the pod.” Step inside and immerse yourself in a soothing atmosphere, complete with gentle lighting and enveloping music, all while enjoying the warmth of 37 degrees.

The benefits of practising yoga in the heat:

– Cardiovascular Boost: Sweating it out in the heat gives your heart a healthy workout, boosting your cardiovascular health.

– Adaptation to the Heat: Regular sessions in the heat help your body gradually adjust and become more comfortable in warmer conditions.

– Increased Flexibility: The heat gently loosens up your muscles, allowing you to achieve deeper stretches and improve your overall flexibility.

– Enhanced Focus: The combination of heat, immersive music, and a calming environment helps you find better focus and concentration during your practice.

– Stress Relief: Yoga in a heated environment provides a complete escape from the outside world, allowing you to reduce stress and find inner peace.

– Endorphin Production: The heat stimulates the release of endorphins, those feel-good hormones that leave you with a sense of euphoria and well-being.


With classes designed to cater to all levels, Hot Pod Yoga ensures everyone can benefit from this incredible practice:

  1. Hotpod Flow: Their signature class, carefully designed to offer a more personalised boutique-style experience. With reduced class capacity, you’ll have plenty of space to move on your mat. Expect a vinyasa-based sequence heated to 37°C, suitable for all levels.
  2. Dynamic Flow: Ready to take your practice up a notch? The Dynamic Flow class builds upon the foundation of Hotpod Flow. Dive deeper into more advanced postures, challenging yourself physically and mentally. This invigorating and strong class is recommended for slightly more experienced yogis.
  3. Foundation Flow: This class follows the same structure as the signature Hotpod Flow but with added explanations. In this dynamic and flowing class, you’ll experience slightly fewer vinyasas, with modifications to make the practice more effortless. Perfect for beginners or those looking to enjoy the beauty of a flowing class at a different pace.
  4. Nurturing Flow: If you’re seeking a deeper, slower, and more restorative experience, the Nurturing Flow class is perfect. With a calmer tempo, passive postures, and a focus on meditation, you’ll find yourself melting deeper into your practice. The signature 37 degrees heat gently works your body while leaving your mind relaxed and at peace. This class is ideal for beginners, individuals recovering from injuries, or anyone looking to give their body some gentle care.

You can join them for a single class with a pass of £15, or choose their 5 class pass at £65. They also offer an introductory 18 day offer with unlimited yoga for just £18. If you’re ready for more, they have membership options available too, for more details, visit their website.

 Check out their schedule here and find the perfect class that fits your lifestyle.

Hotpod Yoga Northwich
Hotpod Yoga Northwich

Looking to improve your health and wellness in a different way, head over to The Core Nutrition on the High Street. They’re open from 6 am to 10:30am. 

Their vision is simple: they aim to change lives through nutrition, education, and guidance. And their mission? To help people like you establish long-term lifestyle goals and habits that guarantee sustainable results. Talk about commitment!

At The Core, they truly value those who are serious about feeling more alive. Their team offers empathetic holistic support and guidance on nutrition, wellness, and fitness. They’re all about creating a positive and uplifting environment.

If you’re curious about how The Core can help you set long-term lifestyle goals and habits that guarantee results, don’t hesitate to send them a message on Facebook or to book a free online Wellness Evaluation. 

Rosebank Sports is all about the wonderful world of fitness and wellbeing—your ultimate health and happiness hub!

Nowadays, there’s an incredible range of fitness products that can help us stay in tip-top shape. Rest assured, Rosebank’s dedicated team is always up to date with the latest gadgets and techniques, ready to provide you with invaluable guidance on how to make the most of these products and when to use them. Count on them for friendly advice based on years of experience, working closely with PTs, Fitness Coaches, and Instructors.  They take great care in selecting quality products that will support you in achieving your fitness goals right from the comfort of your own home. From exercise mats to kettlebells and fitness wear. 

But that’s not all—Rosebank Sports is proud to introduce their exquisite Rosebank Wellbeing Centre. Their team of therapists are professionally trained, qualified, and verified with one mission in mind: to guide, support, and treat you for a healthy mind and body.  Indulge in a range of services like relaxing body massages, life-enhancing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), rejuvenating Reiki & Reflexology, empathetic Person-Centred Counselling, and so much more.

The brand-new Snapfitness 24/7 gym has just opened up in Barons Quay!

They truly believe that when you consistently move your body and receive support from their amazing local Northwich trainers, you’ll experience an incredible boost in your mood and overall health. They’re here to guide and cheer you on every single step of the way!

Ready for some amazing group classes? From strength & conditioning to cardio and body and mind sessions, you can indulge in a variety of workouts that suit your style.

Let’s talk membership perks, shall we? For just £22.99 per month with a flexible rolling monthly contract, you’ll unlock a world of goodies, including:

– 24/7 access: Because we know life doesn’t stick to a schedule!

– Unlimited group fitness classes: Join in on all the action whenever you please.

– State-of-the-art equipment: Elevate your workouts with our high-spec gear.

– Multi-club access: Gain entry to 86+ UK clubs and over 1000 worldwide.

– Free parking: No need to stress about finding a spot – we’ve got you covered.

– 30-day cancellation notice: We’ve made it convenient for you.

– Membership freeze: Take a break for up to 3 months each year – no sweat!

Oh, and they have a simple money-back guarantee 

  1. Become a member and get ready for an incredible journey.
  2. Set your personal goals with our experienced trainers.
  3. Sweat it out twice weekly for a full 30 days.
  4. Feel amazing – and trust us, we know you will! But if by any chance you don’t feel great after 8 workouts within the first 30 days, just reach out to their team and request your money back.

For a detailed schedule of their classes visit their website

Introducing the Strong Girl Collective Gym, opening its doors this January! Get excited and join the team at their exclusive women’s only gym, where they are dedicated to building strong, healthy, feminine bodies and boosting your confidence.

They offer two incredible membership options tailored to fit your needs and support your fitness journey.

First up, they have the Basic Strong Girl Membership, priced at £49.99 monthly. With this membership, you’ll enjoy full gym access and receive a helpful induction to boost your confidence on the equipment. Plus, don’t forget about their fun gym socials where you can connect with like-minded strong girls!

For those craving the ultimate fitness experience, we present the Ultimate Strong Girl Membership, priced at £69.99 per month. This premier membership includes gym access and an induction, as well as exclusive app access. Choose from their expert-designed 3, 4, or 5-day training plans and follow along with video demos and VoiceOver explanations. Log your lifts, tick off daily habits, track your progress, and easily sync with your MyFitnessPal and smartwatch. Plus, get ready for a wealth of educational content dropping right into your app inbox! And don’t worry, you won’t miss out on the fun – join them for their fantastic gym socials!

To learn more and join the Strong Girl Collective Gym, visit their website.

And there’s so much more on offer in Northwich – from Pure Gym and Brio Leisure at Memorial Court to swimming lessons for the little ones at Puddle Ducks – there’s never been a better time to get in tune with your mind, body and soul!

We hope this leaves you feeling inspired and supported on your journey towards a healthier, happier  self.


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