The Christmas adverts are on TV. Festive lights and decorations are going up in homes and businesses. And yes, it’s probably time to start thinking about those all-important Christmas presents.

But before you fire up the laptop, or head to a city-centre, have you considered staying local and supporting your high street?

We’ve come up with 6 great reasons to shop in Northwich this Christmas – take a look at them below.

1. to support our independent traders

Here in Northwich there is a thriving independent business scene and they need your support!
If you like a diverse range of shops to browse, packed with new and exciting items, then come and visit them this festive season.

Independent retailers work so hard to meet customers’ demands and Christmas is a great time to give something back. Pop in over the next few weeks and bring a smile to their faces!

2. Explore a range of major national retailers

As well as our many independents, Northwich is home to a number of popular national retailers.

You’ll find gifts galore and many of your favourite brands to help you ensure Christmas is covered.
You don’t have to leave Mid-Cheshire to find big high street names if that’s what you’re after!

3. You can help boost the local economy

If you shop local this Christmas you’ll be helping to boost the economy in Northwich.

Spending on our high street ensures your money stays within the town and is more likely to be re-distributed here too.
Plus, more money for our businesses will lead to job creation – another boost for the town.

4. you’re more likely to find unique gifts

Northwich’s shops are packed full of bespoke, unique gifts that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.
Do you have friends or loved ones that are difficult to buy for? Then come into Northwich – you’re sure to find the perfect present!

Don’t miss the Northwich Artisan Market Christmas special either which takes place on Saturday 14th December, 10am-4pm.

5. Enjoy friendly, hands-on service

Local business owners do what they do because they’re passionate about their products.
This means you’re more likely to receive a better service with a more friendly approach.
They’ll also go the extra mile for their customers to make sure you find the right product at the right price.

Come into Northwich this Christmas and experience first-hand the season of goodwill.

6. To help foster community spirit

Throughout the festive period, a range of Northwich businesses will be hosting community-led events and activities.
Come along, meet the people at the heart of our high street and give your support to Northwich.
A strong community is the driving force behind the success of towns, and by shopping in Northwich you can help foster ours even more!